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Reliable Life Insurance Company

Life is not simple, but life insurance can be.

Life is not simple, but life insurance can be.

The Reliable Life Burial Expense policy offers important benefits:

1. LOCK IN A RATE that will never increase and a benefit that will never decrease due to age.

2. Lifelong Protection This policy provides whole life insurance, not term life insurance, so your coverage lasts for your entire lifetime, as long as premiums are paid.

Guaranteed Approval No medical exam required.

  • You are covered as soon as application is received, accepted, and the premium paid.
  • Coverage cannot be cancelled as long as you pay your premiums, only you can cancel your coverage.
  • Your cost is based on your age at the time of coverage.
  • Rates will never increase, and coverage will never decrease.
  • Affordable Rates
For accidental causes of death during the first two years, the full face amount will be paid. Accidental death does not include death resulting from bodily or mental illness or disease, infection, suicide, medical or surgical treatment, voluntary gas inhalation or taking poison, or any act of war.

Our agents will be happy to collect your premium payments in the Monroe, West Monroe, Minden, Ruston, Columbia, and more! We also accept mail in payments. Contact us to set your appointment up today. Call (318) 387-1000.